Fossil Preparation Services

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What is fossil preparation

Fossil preparation is the process of carefully removing excess matrix (the material in which the fossil is embedded) from a fossil, and may also involve repairing and stabilizing the fossil if it has been damaged. The goal of fossil preparation is to reveal the fossil as fully as possible, while also preserving its integrity and scientific value

Who has their fossils prepared

A fossil preparation service is typically used by paleontologists, museum curators, and other professionals who work with fossils. These individuals may use a fossil preparation service to carefully remove excess matrix (the material in which the fossil is embedded) from a fossil, or to repair and stabilize a fossil that has been damaged. In some cases, amateur collectors or hobbyists may also use a fossil preparation service to clean and restore fossils that they have collected. Fossil preparation services can be used to prepare fossils for a variety of purposes, including scientific study, exhibition in museums, and private collections. Fossil preparation can be a delicate and time-consuming process, and many professionals and collectors choose to use a specialized service to ensure that their fossils are handled with care and expertise

Why is fossil preparation important

Professional fossil preparation adds a multitude of value to any paleontological specimen. Preparation is a necessary component to a fossil's scientific investment for future research. Professional fossil preparation creates the decisive "added value" of a fossil, valuable to research and/or the market

I have a fossil that needs work

We provide fossil preparation services to a wide range of individuals, including amateur paleontologists and collectors. Our comprehensive services encompass micro air-abrasion, air scribe matrix removal, display mounting, and fossil preservation. Our pricing is based on an hourly rate, tailored to meet your specific requirements and expectations. For further inquiries or to get in touch with us, please find our contact information below.

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Partial tyrannosaurid vertebrae